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YouTube Plans on Music Video Distribution

YouTube Plans on Music Video Distribution

YouTube Plans on Music Video Distribution

YouTube is currently in talks with the recording industry to add currently popular and archived music videos into its video search & sharing index. Such a distribution deal with the major labels may bring yet another revenue building alternative to YouTube which does not include the addition of 15 second commercial clips in the videos, which has been called ‘too simple’ of a strategy by YouTube founders.

Steve Chen, a co-founder of YouTube told Reuters today that “Right now we’re trying to very quickly determine how and what the model is to distribute this content and we’re very aggressive in assisting the labels in trying to get the content on to YouTube.

More on YouTube and its plans on taking revenue generation beyond the ad clip or AdSense box from this Bambi Francisco interview with Chad Hurley, another YouTube co-founder.

According to a BBC article, YouTube aims to show music videos, YouTube now serves 60% of the videos watched online in the United States.

One obstacle, however, may be the amount of pirated content uploaded to YouTube, which has ironically led to partnerships with networks such as NBC or Comedy Central, who have found the avenue of working with YouTube to distribute their content is much more effective & brand building than suing them over such pirated footage.

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YouTube Plans on Music Video Distribution

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