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YouTube Expands 1080p Premium With Enhanced Bitrate To Web

YouTube 1080p Premium, previously on the iOS app only, is rolling out on web browsers, offering higher video quality for increased engagement.

  • YouTube has confirmed the rollout of the 1080p Premium feature for web users.
  • This feature, initially exclusive to iOS devices, upgrades the bitrate for enhanced video quality.
  • Non-premium users can see the 1080p Premium option but need to upgrade to access it.
youtube 1080p premium enhanced bitrate hd video

YouTube has confirmed the 1080p Premium rollout beyond the iOS app to web browsers, giving users more ways to access highly engaging videos with superior quality.

1080p Premium With Enhanced Bitrate

Screenshot from YouTube, August 2023

Initially reported by 9to5Google, the enhanced resolution amplifies the bitrate of numerous videos rather than augmenting the resolution, often resulting in a more detailed, crisper image with enhanced quality.

YouTube spokesperson Paul Pennington confirmed to The Verge that the 1080p Premium rollout has begun for web users.

Intriguingly, the advanced 1080p option appears for all users regardless of their subscription status.

However, clicking on it without a Premium subscription prompts a notification urging the user to upgrade for enhanced quality.

Additional Devices With 1080p Premium

Along with web users, YouTube also revealed that some TV devices can now access the upgraded feature, including non-Android Chromecasts by Google and gaming consoles. Unfortunately, the specifics weren’t delineated.

The decision to extend the feature to platforms other than iOS is a significant first for YouTube.

Observations in June suggested that several Android users had gained the ability to stream with a better bitrate, although the feature hasn’t become widely available.

A Significant Development For Content Creators

The rollout of a higher resolution to more YouTube users is significant for content creators.

YouTube’s 1080p Premium will improve the quality of video content, making it a more valuable tool for marketing strategies.

Enhanced video quality can increase user engagement, a crucial factor for search rankings and content marketing.

Therefore, professionals should consider incorporating higher-quality video content into their strategies.

YouTube offers advice on recommended upload quality for YouTube content managers.

Screenshot from YouTube, August 2023

Featured image: Alexey Boldin/Shutterstock

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YouTube Expands 1080p Premium With Enhanced Bitrate To Web

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