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YouTube Community Posts Updated With Analytics + More Images

YouTube updates community posts with three new features, including the ability to view analytics data for the first time.

YouTube is rolling out three updates to community posts, including a first-ever look at analytics data and the ability to add more images.

Ever since YouTube launched community posts, creators have not been given data on how many views their posts are receiving.

Given the emphasis YouTube puts on view counts, that was a pretty glaring omission in YouTube Analytics (YTA).

In another update that creators arguably should have had access to sooner, more images can be added to YouTube community posts.

The third update gives users on iOS the ability to schedule community posts in advance.

Here’s more about the updates announced this week.

Analytics For YouTube Community Posts

YouTube is adding a highly requested feature, giving creators the ability to see post metrics in YTA.

The company says it’s listening to creators who have been asking for more in-depth analytics to better understand their return on investment for community posts.

Creators who are eligible to publish community posts will be able to see their impression and engagement rates in YTA.

As of now, these metrics will only appear on desktop, but YouTube plans to bring them to the Studio Mobile app in the future.

Creators will be able to see how many times their posts were shown and how their subscribers are responding to the content.

With this data YouTube creators can better understand how their posts are performing with their audience, and can use the insights to guide their posting strategy.

Multiple Images in YouTube Community Posts

YouTube is adding support for multiple images to community posts. This is another top request from creators, who have been asking for the ability to share more images in their posts like they can on competitive platforms.

Up until now, creators could only add one image per post. With this launch, creators will be able to add up to 5 images to a post.

YouTube says its goal with this update is to give creators more options to express themselves with community posts, which in turn will make the content more dynamic for viewers.

At the moment, support for multiple images will only be available on Android. YouTube plans to expand the feature to iOS and desktop later this year.

Schedule YouTube Community Posts on iOS

In the third and final update, YouTube is letting creators schedule community posts on iOS.

The ability to schedule posts was already available for creators on desktop and Android. This launch makes the feature available to all creators, which lets them save time and increase efficiency when sharing content.

More Information About YouTube Community Posts

YouTube community posts allow creators to publish Instagram-like updates for subscribers to see on their main feed. A creator’s posts can also be found in the “Community” tab on their channel page.

Any creator with 1,000 subscribers or more can publish community posts. To create a post, sign in to YouTube, click the Create button at the top of the page, and select “create post.”

Posts can contain images, videos, text, playlists, GIFs, and polls. This feature is an effective way to keep audiences engaged in between video uploads.

Community posts can be used to announce new video uploads, hype up the next upload or live stream, or to build connections with subscribers by starting conversations.

All creators who can publish community posts now have access to these three new features.

Source: Creator Insider

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YouTube Community Posts Updated With Analytics + More Images

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