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YouTube Channels With Under 10K Views Can No Longer Display Ads

Google is ramping up its efforts to ensure ads do not appear alongside questionable YouTube videos. Its latest measure involves blocking ads from appearing on channels with less than 10,000 total views.

According to what Google recently told the Wall Street Journal, it has been working on putting this measure in place since November. At first it was designed to prevent channels which steal content from earning revenue on the YouTube platform, but now the company faces an even greater problem.

Several top US brands have pulled their advertising from YouTube after ads were found appearing next to controversial videos. Now it’s clear Google doesn’t want to give just anyone the ability to display ads on their YouTube content, which is pretty much what it was doing before.

Prior to this measure being put in place, it was rather easy to get approved to display ads on a YouTube channel. It didn’t matter how old or reputable the channel was, or how many views its videos had.

With the new 10,000 view threshold, Google is banking on the idea that questionable and/or controversial videos will not find a wide audience — and therefore ads will not end up appearing on channels publishing the content.

Whether or not this will appease the brands that recently pulled their ads from YouTube remains to be seen. At the very least, Google is staying true to its word that it will put measures in place to prevent ads from appearing next to unsavory content.

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YouTube Channels With Under 10K Views Can No Longer Display Ads

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