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YouTube Analytics Gets 5 Updates

YouTube is rolling out five updates to creators’ analytics data, which provide more insights into how users engage with content.

YouTube Analytics is getting five updates that give creators access to more data on how users engage with their channel’s content.

The updates include:

  • More data about channel memberships
  • More data on mobile (which was previously exclusive to desktop)
  • Clearer information about video performance
  • Insight into revenue changes
  • Engagement metrics for YouTube posts

Here’s more about each of these updates, available now in YouTube Studio.

Membership Metrics

An update membership metrics in YouTube Analytics gives creators the data they’ve been asking for, which is how memberships evolve over time.

Membership metrics will now report on which videos helped a channel gain (or lose) more members than usual.

In addition, the enhanced membership data will indicate whether it helps to remind users to become paying members.

In order to facilitate answers to those questions, YouTube has created a Members tab within the Audience page in YouTube Analytics.

What that section is going to show creators is total number of active members, and the total number of members a channel has had throughout its lifetime.

The Members tab will show totals as a cumulative number or as daily changes.

Additional deep dive metrics are available to help creators track daily changes to total, active, gained, lost, and canceling members.

More Data on Mobile

Another update to YouTube Analytics involves two cards that were previously only available on desktop.

Those are ‘other channels your audience watches’ and ‘other videos your audience watches’ cards. This data is now available in YouTube Analytics on mobile.

These two cards have been added to the bottom of the Audience tab in the YouTube Studio mobile app.

Tapping on one of these cards is going to bring up a detailed view of 15 videos or channels.

Tapping on any one of the 15 videos or channels will bring it up in the main YouTube app. A convenient way to conduct audience analysis on the go.

Video Performance Insights

An update to the video overview page in YouTube Analytics on desktop provides a clearer, more visible explanation of video performance.

See below for an example:

Revenue Changes

YouTube Analytics is adding more insights relative to revenue changes.

If revenue goes up or down due to a channel’s audience shifting to a higher or lower CPM country, YouTube will now call that out.

This is helpful information when diagnosing when revenue has changed from one month to another.

If a channel’s revenue goes down because more of its audience is coming from a lower CPM country, at least the creator knows they’re not necessarily producing worse content.

This is an insight will be available on mobile and desktop.

YouTube Posts Insights

Engagement metrics for YouTube posts, which were announced and previewed back in May, are now live.

Now a card on the channel’s engagement tab shows votes and likes on the creator’s top posts over the last 28 days. This card can be filtered by post type.

A deep dive report shows daily post metrics including impressions, likes, like rate, votes, and vote rate.

Source: Creator Insider

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YouTube Analytics Gets 5 Updates

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