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YouTube Adds More Analytics Data, Updates Studio Mobile App

YouTube is giving creators access to more data on video views and rolling out updates to the Studio Mobile app.

YouTube creators now have access to new metrics about video views, and the Studio Mobile app is getting refreshed with efficient ways to view data.

New analytics data includes granular information about the sources of video views which wasn’t available before.

The forthcoming update to the Studio Mobile app is the first step toward a larger goal of making it as feature packed as YouTube Studio on desktop.

Here’s more about each of these updates for YouTube creators.

New Analytics Data in YouTube Studio

Living Room Data

Living room impressions will start to appear in YouTube analytics later this month.

What this mean is impressions derived from sources like TV and video game consoles will be available in channels’ analytics count.

It’s important to note this is a only a reporting change. Video impressions from connected TVs and game consoles have always been counted, they were just not designated as such.

Therefore creators will see no change to overall video performance in their analytics data. Metrics like watch time, views, and revenue are not changing as a result of this update.

What might change is click-through rate data. Since impressions from connected TVs and game consoles are no longer being lumped in with other categories, there may be a difference to how click-through rate is reported from other sources.

New and Returning Viewers

YouTube launched new and returning viewers metrics that can be seen in the Audience tab within YouTube studio.

This new metric is going to be helpful because it will allow creators to see who is returning to a channel and who is viewing its content for the first time.

Knowing how many viewers are returning to a channel after watching at least one video can help inform future content strategies, such as whether it’s worth returning to a specific topic.

New and returning viewers data is now available to all creators but doesn’t yet apply to copyrighted content owners and artistic channels.

Updates to Studio Mobile App

Changes to Real-time Card

When YouTube creators open the Studio Mobile app and go to the analytics section they will see a real-time card.

This card was available before, but some important changes have been made to it.

The changes include:

  • Thumbnails: The real-time card now shows thumbnails for each video.
  • Sorting: The real-time card now sorts videos by view counts (highest to lowest). Previously the real-time card sorted videos by publish date.
  • Amount of videos: The card now includes a maximum of fifteen videos, which is ten more than the previous limit of five videos.

Changes to Tabs

YouTube has overhauled the tabs in the Studio Mobile app to focus on alignment. The most used tabs are now aligned, which include: audience, reach, engagement, overview, and revenue.

Creators will notice some cards have been taken away from those tabs. YouTube says the cards weren’t being used much on mobile, but the data isn’t going anywhere as it’s still available on desktop.

The removed cards have been replaced with data that’s more widely accessed on mobile. One of the more notable additions is data on watch time via subscribers.

Source: Creator Insider

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YouTube Adds More Analytics Data, Updates Studio Mobile App

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