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YouTube Adds Metrics To Main App, + New Way To Manage Livestreams

YouTube creators can now monitor more metrics in the main app, and manage livestreams from one convenient location.

YouTube is adding more metrics for creators in its main app, bringing it to parity with the YouTube Studio app.

Additionally, YouTube is upgrading Live Control Room with the long-requested ability to moderate chats during livestreams.

Here’s more about the two updates announced in this week’s YouTube news update.

Live Chat Moderation In YouTube Studio & Live Control Room

YouTube creators have multiple options when it comes to live streaming.

Creators can go live from the main YouTube app, Live Control Room, or YouTube Studio. They don’t all share the same features, however.

Until now, creators could only moderate live chats on the YouTube mobile app.

It wasn’t possible to edit or manage mobile livestreams in Live Control Room or YouTube Studio if a creator initiated the stream from the main YouTube app.

For creators, the available options meant a trade-off between the ability to moderate live chats and the robust management capabilities of Live Control Room and YouTube Studio.

Now, creators can do it all in one place. YouTube is launching the ability to schedule, manage, and edit livestreams in Live Control Room and YouTube Studio.

This includes moderating live chats and utilizing live chat features like polls and pinned products.

These Live Control Room and YouTube Studio updates are rolling out to all creators by the end of the week.

Key Metrics For Posts In Main App

YouTube creators can now analyze key metrics in iOS and Android’s main apps.

Previously, creators could only access information on Shorts videos, regular videos, and livestreams from Studio Mobile. With this launch, YouTube is bringing parity to the main app.

For more details, see the full video below:

Featured Image: photosince/Shutterstock

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YouTube Adds Metrics To Main App, + New Way To Manage Livestreams

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