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YouTube 2007 Video Awards : Honoring User Generated Media

YouTube is launching their inaugural YouTube Video Awards which will recognize the creative achievements of YouTube users and its community.

The 2007 YouTube Video Awards will highlight best original user created videos of 2006 and the artists who made them in the categories of:

  • Most Creative — Innovative And Cutting Edge Video
  • Most Inspirational — Things That Make You Think Or Feel
  • Best Series — The Best In Serial Entertainment
  • Best Comedy — They Had Us In Stitches
  • Musician Of The Year — Celebrating YouTube’s Home-Grown Musical Talent
  • Best Commentary — The Bloggers Who Caught Our Attention
  • Most Adorable Video Ever — So Cute It Hurts

YouTube voting begins on Monday, March 19 and ends on Friday, March 23. YouTube Video Awards award winners will be revealed on YouTube on Monday, March 26. Winners from each category will be prominently featured and will receive a trophy to honor their achievement.

“Our community was at the forefront of the most creative and popular user-generated content in 2006,” said Mia Quagliarello, director of programming for YouTube. “On a daily basis, new videos were created, uploaded, discovered and popularized through the site. We want to honor and celebrate the individuals who helped foster the community through their creativity. We hope that this recognition will continue to inspire users to create content that entertains and informs.”

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YouTube 2007 Video Awards : Honoring User Generated Media

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