YouTube 10 Minute Limit Deters Copyrighted Video Uploads

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YouTube 10 Minute Limit Deters Copyrighted Video Uploads

YouTube has taken action to prevent the uploading of copyrighted material into its video hosting, sharing and search service. By limiting videos to a maximum run time of 10 minutes, YouTube hopes to prevent clips of TV shows and movies from being made illegally available for online viewing via their service.

NBC has already run into friction with YouTube, forcing the social video sharing community to remove clips of a Saturday Night Live skit.

Everyday somewhere around 30 million videos are viewed via YouTube, and about 35,000 videos are uploaded everyday. Given these numbers, how does one monitor and prevent copyrighted footage from being uploaded? By monitoring the video length:

“We know that over 99% of videos uploaded are already under 10 mins, and we also know that most of our users only watch videos that are under about 3 minutes in length.” says YouTube’s Mary Rose.

So what about that 1% of video produces who want to get their 10+ minutes of videos uploaded? On their blog YouTube has introduced a Premium Content Program:

Well, if you’ve followed our blog postings or any of the press articles, you know we’re constantly trying to balance the rights of copyright owners with the rights of our users. We poked around the system a bit and found that these longer videos were more likely to be copyrighted videos from tv shows and movies than the shorter videos posted. However, we also recognize that there are legit content creators out there who may have videos over 10 mins, so we’ve created a Premium Content Program for those of you with professional-produced videos.

Additionally for the amateur video producers who are making films longer than 10 minutes, YouTube has announced that they are open to coming to an agreement with these producers and has opened up a line of communication via email (please see YouTube blog link above).

Is limiting the video uploads to 10 minutes going to prevent all uploads of copyrighted material? Of course not, material will still pass through the filters and be cut into parts – it will however make the identification of those videos and the people uploading them much easier for YouTube.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Shane

    >”Of course not, material will still pass through the filters and be cut into parts – it will however make the identification of those videos and the people uploading them much easier for YouTube.”

    Actually, it would seem harder to stop the pirating if they upload in pieces. The easiest way would be to look at videos of certain length (TV length). Now that it is in parts, it blends in and would be much harder to pick out of a group of other 10 minute videos.

  • Brandon Schembri

    Hi My youtube name is Branzx i have this video of a how to i made it in my house i just want to put it on youtube but its 12mins long would the youtube people be able to review it first then? my email is:

  • Material is still being passed through, but I never see a copyrighted stay on the website for more than a month, or so.

    I say they’re doing a good job.

  • GameGeek

    Only an ass who believes everything the media tells him would believe the 10 minute limit is reducing copyright infringement. This article is just as misleading as it is gay.

    I watch copyrighted work all the time on YouTube. People are still able to upload copyright work even with the 10 minute limit.

  • Bashful

    I understand a time limit to discourage and prevent copyrighted material from being uploaded, but 10 minutes is too short. DailyMotion has a much more reasonable and just as effective time limit to deter uploading copyrighted material which is 20 minutes. YouTube should raise the limit to 20 minutes.

  • Thomas

    I also use YouTube. But, what’s the point of a 10 minute limit if YouTube Partners are allowed to upload longer videos, even if they’re copyrighted?