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You Can Be a Hero on New Year’s!

Today you can be a hero by stopping others from driving impaired and also by choosing to not drive impaired.

New Year's HeroToday is a big day, it is New Year’s Eve and many celebrate by drinking and/or using substances that impair their ability to drive safely.

Today you can be a hero by stopping others from driving impaired and also by choosing to not drive impaired.

Anytime you can save a life you are a hero and there is no doubt that by not driving impaired and stopping others from driving impaired you will be saving a life tonight.

Before Leaving Tonight Gather Info: 3 Musts

1). Check your local cab companies and find out who is offering free or discounted rides home. Save these numbers in your phone, or your pocket, for yourself and your friends.

2). AAA is offering free towing up to 10 miles, according to the news. Get online or call your local AAA and get the correct information for your area.

3). If you are attending a large event plan ahead to find parking areas that will allow your vehicle to stay overnight so you don’t have to worry about towing charges.

Some Ideas to Avoid Drunk and Impaired Driving

  • Take a cab or bus to your party location – avoid worrying about your vehicle.
  • Exchange keys with a friend, but not your best friend. Help each other avoid driving.
  • When choosing a designated driver try to choose one that doesn’t ever drink. Before getting in a vehicle with a designated driver make sure they are sober.
  • Eat well before you start drinking and try to eat throughout the night. It is better to not be so wasted that you can’t make a good decision for you and your friends.
  • Reserve a hotel room close to your party location so you have a safe, and close, place to go. Consider getting double beds in case a friend needs a place to crash or split the bill with a friend(s) ahead of time.
  • Have friends that live close to a party location? Ask them if you can crash there.
  • Have a quick list in your pocket or on your phone of people you can call for rides or help tonight if you are impaired. This comes in handy not just for impaired driving issues, but also just for personal safety.

I know many people say that they don’t want to spend the money for cabs, towing or sleeping at a hotel, but if you compare the small amount of money spent on these preventative ideas to the cost of a DUI, and the legal issues that come with it, the money spent on preventative options is very small.

More importantly,  you are avoiding taking a life or lives with preventative measures.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / ollyy


1.5 Million Teens Will Drive Under The Influence Tonight: Infographic

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You Can Be a Hero on New Year’s!

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