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Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink Cargo Van Stolen in NYC

Reward of Two Year Supply of Yoo-hoo Double Fudge for information leading to safe return

New York (July 18) – No, we’re not kidding. And no, this isn’t a PR stunt.

‘Sweet Melissa,’ the Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink Cargo van, was stolen late last night, from 57th St. and 9th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink is offering a reward of a two-year free supply of Yoo-hoo to anyone who finds her, no questions asked.

‘She wasn’t just a van, she was a member of the family,’ said a sobbing Nathan Smithson, Undersecretary of Hoo-town, and Yoo-hoo designated driver. “That van has been with us across the country and back, more times than we can count. We’ve slept, ate, virtually lived in that van for the past two years. Thousands of gallons of Yoo-hoo have been dispersed to thirsty citizens across America from that van. Then, we go and spend one night in a hotel, and it’s gone.’

Josh Harold, the second of the two Yoo-hoo drivers noted, ‘ She was a 96 Ford Econoline F150 with a 5.8 Liter V8, 16’ Chrome American Racing wheels. She was black with red flames on the hood, Red Double Dogs on one side, the Yoo-hoo logo on the other side. She also has ‘Sweet Melissa’ written across the hood, and had a chrome skull on the back that had light-up brake light eyes.’

‘She’s our baby. We miss her,’ he added.

Sweet Melissa’s license plates are MML-55T, New Jersey registered.

Despite crime being down on all fronts in New York City, the occasional vehicle still gets stolen. This time, it happened to the coolest chocolate drink in the world. And we’re not happy.

Yoo-hoo has set up a special hotline for information leading to the safe return of Sweet Melissa. If you have any information, or if you’ve seen her, call Yoo-hoo at 646-251-5926, or log on to
and submit your tip there. If your tip directly results in the successful return of Sweet Melissa, we’ll reward you with a two-year supply of Yoo-hoo Double Fudge.*

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Yoo-hoo Chocolate Drink Cargo Van Stolen in NYC

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