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Yokel Brings Local Shopping Search to Smart Phones

Yokel, Inc. has added new capabilities for local shopping search from smart phone devices including the Treo, Blackberry or Motorola Q, which all can now search Yokel’s database of local stores and products. For shoppers on the go or looking to compare prices on the fly, the service could be quite a time and money saver.

Smart phone users may simply open a Web browser from their phone and type in Yokel automatically displays results that have been optimized for small screens. The handy tool saves valuable shopping time by narrowing search results for people on the go and quickly notifying them of the stores that carry the products they seek. The application always allows shoppers immediate access to phone numbers and with a simple click can dial the store automatically.

“The holidays are a time when people are extremely busy juggling all aspects of their lives while trying to find the perfect gifts for families and friends,” said Scott Randall, CEO of Yokel, Inc. “To help alleviate some of that stress and make the season more enjoyable, we are delivering the new mobile search capability that makes it easy for shoppers to quickly find what they are looking for when they are on the go.”

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Yokel Brings Local Shopping Search to Smart Phones

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