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Yext’s Latest Advancements Will Expand Where Business Information is Published

Yext has unveiled three major advancements to its platform, powered by AI and machine learning.

Yext for Events, Yext Knowledge Assistant, and WeChat Mini-Programs integration have all been designed to help businesses engage consumers using technology such as voice search and smart assistants.

These advancements will allow businesses to manage new sets of data, manage data more efficiently, and expand where business information gets published.

Here is more information about each of these new services:

  • Yext for Events: Manage public information about events from a single source, then publish that information to top event discovery sites.
  • Yext Knowledge Assistant: A conversational UI, which allows businesses to manage public data without having to log in or download an app. Simply send a message to the Yext Knowledge Manager.
  • WeChat Mini-Programs integration: Yext can now reach Chinese consumers in Manadarin on their choice of platform.

This marks the first time businesses have been able to distribute information about events through the Yext platform.

In fact, it is a first-of-its-kind solution for businesses. Being able to create a single event listing and publish it en masse is something that was not possible before.

This opens up new opportunities for business market their events by expanding the distribution of event information.

Once published, information can be easily managed with the Yext Knowledge Assistant by sending texts through Facebook Messenger or SMS.

”No one can predict the UI or AI of the future, but companies can control what intelligent services know about them – by making their own Knowledge Graph. The Yext Knowledge Engine serves as the foundation for any business to begin their own intelligent transformation.”

Further information about these advancements will be broadcast on November 1st via live stream at 2pm ET. The stream can be accessed at

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Yext’s Latest Advancements Will Expand Where Business Information is Published

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