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Yahoo’s Yang Finally Breaks Silence on the Microsoft Takeover

It might really be difficult to be at the helm of a giant web company that is being touted for takeover by another giant company. For Yahoo’s Jerry Yang, it is inevitable not to speak about the ongoing issue facing Yahoo the past couple of weeks.

Good for Yang, despite all the issues he could still manage to pull off a joke about it. Speaking during the International Advertising Bureau conference Yang jokingly teased the crowd by preempting their questions with his own question.

“Before you start, let me guess what your first question is. Does it start with an M and end with a T?, asks Yang.

Then Yang proceeded by saying that they are much focused and are taking the Microsoft proposal seriously. Yang also said that Microsoft’s offer has been a galvanizing event for everyone both internally and externally.

Both Yang and Yahoo president Decker, remained confident that Yahoo will still end up in the right direction after surviving the current crisis the company is going through.

Yang also hinted on a new Yahoo strategy that will enhance the Yahoo homepage, attracting more traffic into the site as well as to its allied newspaper sites. Possibly hinting on the launch of Yahoo Buzz.

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Yahoo’s Yang Finally Breaks Silence on the Microsoft Takeover

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