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Yahoo’s Tim Mayer Addresses Directory Tag Support

Yahoo’s Tim Mayer Addresses Directory Tag Support

Search Engine Roundtable’s Podcast, Search Pulse [mp3 file], featured Yahoo’s Tim Mayer this week and remarked on the need to add a “No Open Directory Title” tag to Yahoo Search. Basically, a NoODP tag will tell Yahoo Search to use the Title and Description from a website in its index, and not from the Netscape Open Directory Project.

Tim also added that Yahoo Search would still continue to use Yahoo Directory titles on some of the sites listed in the Yahoo Search index and the Yahoo Directory.

Why so?

Barry summarizes:

Now why would Yahoo! implement this [NoODP]?
(1) Yahoo! does sometimes use the ODP description in the SERPs.
(2) It has already been set up as a standard meta tag.

Why didn’t Yahoo! commit to releasing a version to opt out of using the Yahoo! Directory title in the SERPs?
(1) Tim said their alogirtms are good at figuring out when and when not to use the title
(2) Tim said, they don’t want to create yet an other meta tag without really needing it

Thanks Tim for clearing this up and to Barry, Chris and Ben for one awesome show in Search Pulse.

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Yahoo’s Tim Mayer Addresses Directory Tag Support

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