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Yahoo´s SmartView Map – Local Search Goes Yahoo

Yahoo the search engine and Internet company announced the launch of SmartView on Yahoo Maps ( The new feature offers consumers an interactive and visual way to search for local content on the Web and is part of Yahoo! Search’s ongoing efforts to offer the most relevant and comprehensive search experience to users.

Google and Overture have already dabbled in Local Search with their own lab work, but Yahoo is the first to have live launched their local search functionality, perhaps getting a jump on the others. GigaBlast, Vivante, and Yellow Page sites have also made large waves in local search.

“As the number one destination for local information on the Web, we are in a unique position to innovate, improve and redefine the way people search for local content online,” said Paul Levine, general manager of Yahoo!’s local services. “SmartView is a great example of how we can leverage Yahoo!’s breadth and depth of content to provide a truly differentiated search experience that enables users to find what they are looking for faster and easier than before.”

SmartView enhances the current Yahoo! Maps product by allowing consumers to choose local points of interest and attractions — such as restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, parks, ATMs and post offices — to customize the current map display. Once displayed on the map, expanded information, including address and phone number, pricing, user ratings (for hotels), website address and access to driving directions can be found by clicking on the identified icon. Consumers can easily search the web for additional information on a particular point of interest by clicking on the “Web search” link in the information box. Additionally, by typing an address into Yahoo! Search, consumers can retrieve a direct map display in their results where they are then one-click away from the SmartView search experience.

The local points of interest and attractions displayed in SmartView leverages content from across the Yahoo! network including:

* Yahoo! Search for web search results
* Yahoo! Yellow Pages for address and telephone number
* Yahoo! Travel for detailed information on a travel destination or to book a hotel room
* Yahoo! Movies for local movie times and ticket purchasing

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Yahoo´s SmartView Map – Local Search Goes Yahoo

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