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Yahoo’s Showcased Homepage Content Driving Search Results

Yahoo is showcasing their new Yahoo Search Shortcuts and search results via links in the content boxes on the Yahoo Homepage. The links look like they would deliver the user to a Yahoo channel content page, but instead they link over to search results.

George Takei

Take this morning’s example of the story on George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu on Star Trek, and an asteroid being named after him. See the magnifying glass under the main story, that clicks over to Yahoo Search results for George Takei.

George Takei 2

I’m sure that the website is getting all kinds of extra traffic this morning from Yahoo Search, but what gathers my attention is the Yahoo News Shortcut on George Takei.

If your website is indexed in Yahoo News, monitoring these Yahoo Homepage links and publishing similar stories may be an excellent and instant way to attract new traffic to your news site (it’s very tempting to name this post “Asteroid Named After George Takei” but I’m holding myself back).

Rand Fishkin also adds that on some of these search results there are no Sponsored Results and buying up some Yahoo Search Marketing ads may also be a cheap traffic generator.

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Yahoo’s Showcased Homepage Content Driving Search Results

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