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Yahoo’s RSS Reader goes LIVE on My Yahoo

Yahoo has just released the Beta Version of their RSS Aggregator to be used with the Yahoo “My Yahoo” personalized front page service. RSS can be used to read news headlines from non-Yahoo sources that are not included in the Yahoo news database. News sites, Web logs (blogs), and other web sources such as discussion forums publish RSS XML feeds that can be monitored by using an RSS Aggregator – Yahoo’s RSS Aggregator or any others on the market. Yahoo’s RSS Aggregator is the first attempt at mainstreaming RSS subscriptions; which are predicted to replace subscription email newsletters.

If one has a Yahoo “My Yahoo” account, the RSS feed can be tested here:

Once subscribed to Yahoo’s RSS one can add RSS feeds by searching Yahoo’s RSS database for keywords, web site URL, or the exact RSS feed URL.

To subscribe to Search Engine Journal’s XML feed you can:

* Manually search for “Search Engine Journal”

* Or manually enter our XML feed URL:

After choosing an RSS feed to subscribe to, Yahoo’s RSS default displays the three latest news stories from the choosen feed. Yahoo has yet to announce the source of its RSS database.

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Yahoo’s RSS Reader goes LIVE on My Yahoo

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