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Yahoo’s Reorganization is ‘Genius’

Bill Wise of Media Post has put together a thoughtful review of Yahoo’s reorganization. I had heard a couple of people referring to the Yahoo Reorg as a negative for the Yahoo company and search industry.

I never really understood where they were coming from, nor could they back it up. Seems that there is an industry wide trend to blast Yahoo for updating its company and advertising model.

Yes, Yahoo Search Marketing is years behind in its update, but Panama should result in the monetization of social media and the cross platform advertising opportunities of hitting mobile, display, video and other ads from within one easy to use admin.

Sure they’re late to the party in this respect. But, heck, I’d go for the better late than never approach than never. Perhaps Yahoo is, in a Yahoo kind of way, fasionably late.

From Bill Wise and Media Post’s Post:

The Genius of Yahoo’s Reorg

Yahoo’s shifted the entire business structure to become client-focused. Which is a real revolution, one that will gets to the core of Yahoo’s problem.

A focus on customers fosters an emphasis on the usefulness of each product, and runs against the wasteful practice of creating an extra business unit just for the sake of having one; it calls for a focus on building quality products over amassing quantity; and it leads to an environment in which the entire business is focused on really getting things done–rather than on defending your turf or your piece of the bureaucracy.

Which is precisely what Yahoo needs now. And it’s why the current reorg is exactly what Yahoo needs to get back on track.

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Yahoo’s Reorganization is ‘Genius’

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