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Yahoo’s Patrick Crane Joins LinkedIn as Vice President of Marketing

The business networking social media company LinkedIn has announced that they have hired Patrick Crane as their new VP of Marketing.

Prior to LinkedIn, Patrick was the VP of Marketing for the Yahoo Network Division and was a major part of the marketing and success of Yahoo Answers. LinkedIn of course, has its own professional version of Answers, LinkedIn Answers, and expect Crane to take an active role in making the social media network more interactive and user friendly.

“I am thrilled to join LinkedIn and to play my part in building the world’s #1 professional network,” said Patrick Crane, Vice President of Marketing, LinkedIn. “We are just beginning to see the impact of connecting the world’s career-minded community, as LinkedIn starts to help millions of people realize their professional goals.”

Personally, I’ve always found LinkedIn to be a great place to connect with others, do background checks, boast your resume and show ones’ social proof in terms of expertise and the people you surround yourself with.

LinkedIn, in my opinion, is still lacking in its ability to go beyond the initial meet & greet; and with Crane at the Marketing helm, perhaps LinkedIn will become more of the professional network that Facebook is growing into.

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Yahoo’s Patrick Crane Joins LinkedIn as Vice President of Marketing

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