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Yahoo’s Massive Marketing Campaign

Yahoo’s Massive Marketing Campaign

Yahoo’s Massive Marketing Campaign

This week Yahoo is set to rollout an onslaught of integrated television, radio, cinematic and online advertising which will focus on its new Yahoo Homepage, Yahoo Mail Beta and Yahoo Answers; among other offerings.

According to a Reuters story, the campaign’s theme will center on life; with and without Yahoo. Allen Olivio, Yahoo’s VP of Global Brand Marketing told Reuters that the campaign is going to be the largest marketing push that the company has made in two years.

The integrated advertising blitz will also feature user and film school generated ads along with a Dunkin Donuts coffee giveaway campaign.

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The U.S. television spots, which were produced with Soho Square and OgilvyOne Worldwide, begin on prime-time TV on Thursday, Sept. 21. They will air on professional baseball games, MTV and late-night comedy shows.

New ads will run in major U.S. markets on radio, in 21,000 cinemas and on online sites in the coming months. Television and radio ads will only run in the United States, Olivo said. Other elements of the campaign will be localized to run in 14 international markets.

Will this increase usage of Yahoo search?

Unlike the previous MSN Search (now and current campaign, Yahoo’s new campaign may just let Yahoo Search ride shotgun during this campaign as more ‘marketable’ services such as Answers & Mail may drive more registered users, who will later trickle into search since Yahoo’s services are all,in one form or another, search driven.

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Yahoo’s Massive Marketing Campaign

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