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Yahoo’s Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone is Live

Yahoo’s Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone is Live

Yahoo is taking great steps in its direction of providing original content with its own Yahoo News corespondent, Kevin Sites, and his one year journey among the world’s conflict hot beds with Yahoo’s Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone. Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone brings together elements from traditional news media such as newspapers, television and radio by combining the components of a multimedia news experience including text, video, photos, audio and user interactivity into one blog inspired media platform.

Sites is apparently traveling solo, armed with a backpack containing digital cameras, a laptop, and satellite phones he will use to communicate with a production team in Southern California in order to deliver daily news reports. A veteran correspondent for CNN and NBC, Sites pioneered the use of battlefield blogs, and his footage of a U.S. Marine shooting an unarmed Iraqi inside a Fallujah mosque in November 2004 remains one of the most compelling and controversial news images from the Iraq war.

The first location of Yahoo’s Hot Zone is in Somolia where the US initiated Operation Restore Hope, only to pull out of the country after two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down and servicemen dragged through the streets. After 12 years, Somalia, governed by warlords, is on the verge of becoming an Islamic State and is thought to be an African al-Qaida hot bed. Sites kicks off the Hot Zone with a feature interview of warlord Osman Hassan Ali Atto. Truly inspirational footage and material from Yahoo and Kevin Sites for any blogger or journalist.

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Yahoo’s Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone is Live

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