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Yahoo Web Rank & New Companion Toolbar Ready for Prime Time?

Yahoo Web Rank & New Companion Toolbar Ready for Prime Time?

Well folks, I finally got the chance to download the new Yahoo Companion toolbar and I’m pretty impressed, eventhough my Yahoo Web Rank meter does not seem to be running as of yet. The new Companion toolbar offers a search box which should generate more direct Yahoo searches to the new Yahoo Search Technology. Image, Yellow Pages, and Yahoo Shopping searches all get top play as well does Yahoo’s new News Search.

Besides the search box change, behavioral tracking (used to judge Web Rank) and my Web Rank which dos not work, I’d say the Yahoo Companion toolbar is pretty much the same. Once Web Rank gets running, Search Engine strategists will have another site relevance ranking tool to go ga-ga over.. hooray!

Eventhough people are having problems getting the Yahoo Web Rank to work on their toolbars, Digital Point has put together a Yahoo Web Rank checker where you can check your Web Rank on their site here or above at the top of the Search Engine Journal site (lookup!).

Again, Yahoo Companion with Web Rank is now released to the public and can be downloaded here.

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