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Yahoo Wants to Redefine SERPs, Adapts “Open” Approach

Yahoo is introducing an open approach to the results being displayed by its search engine. Soon,  Yahoo search result would contain not just your traditional search engine results but a more fruitful and useful information, which  would also encourage third party participation.

Yahoo aims to help web site owners no matter what their size is, an opportunity to provide other relevant information about their site directly into the Yahoo search results page. This information could include images, ratings and reviews, deep links and almost all kinds of possible that you could ever think of linking to a website.The idea is for website owners to provide Yahoo search with as much information as possible related to the website content. Yahoo’s machine learned ranking will ensure that this information is presented as search results at the right time.

Yahoo’s  open approach to search which is code named  “SearchMonkey”,  would benefit both the users and website owners. For the users, the redefined Yahoo search results page would give additional valuable information, while website owners would benefit from this approach through increased traffic and page visits. That is for as long as website owners could offer as much relevant information as possible.

Other than these details, Yahoo did not give other more relevant information about how it is going to implement the open approach to search.  This new announcement adds up to the two previous announcements made by related to its ongoing drive towards openness.

Why was it dubbed an open approach to search you might ask? Well, the new search experience will be in complete control of users, that is users can turn off anything if they so desire.

But a more serious question though is how far would website owners go in terms of submitting as much information about their website to Yahoo’s search engine? What’s in it really for website owners aside from possible additional page views and visits?

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Yahoo Wants to Redefine SERPs, Adapts “Open” Approach

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