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Yahoo Wants to Buy Foursquare for $100 Million

Among the location-based social media startups that are making waves right now, I’ve always believed that Foursquare has the biggest potential to make it big, if it is not that big right now. Foursquare has every good things going for them – increasing usage, new mobile features here and there, and of course prospective buyers including Yahoo.

In fact, Yahoo may seem to be the most serious among  the Internet players who wants to snag the hot social mobile platform. According to Business Insider Yahoo’s M&A folks are currently deciding whether to buy Foursquare at $100 million or not.

While Yahoo has been seriously contemplating on a possible acquisition of Foursquare, the folks at Foursquare on the other hand are also busy talking with other interested buyers such as Apple, Facebook and Twitter. Don’t expect Google to join the fray since Google already has Google Buzz and Google Maps which offer the same service as Foursquare.

What’s interesting though if indeed Foursquare wants to sell out is that it may be too early in the game. And besides, some VCs are currently competing on the right to fund Foursquare, at a high valuation of around $80 million.

What do you think? Is this just another case of start up creating some noise to up the company’s valuation? Or is it really time for Foursquare to sell out?

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Yahoo Wants to Buy Foursquare for $100 Million

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