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Yahoo Video Search Officially Launches

Yahoo Video Search Officially Launches

Yahoo has the jump on most other search engines with the launch of Yahoo Video Search, which has been in beta for months now and is by far the most robust video search offering on the market. Along with video spidered and indexed by the Yahoo Slurp crawler, Yahoo Video Search also includes news clips from CBS News and Reuters, music videos from Country Music Television, and and movie clips and trailers from Other media providers who are distributing their content on Yahoo Video Search are Scripps Network’s Home & Garden Television and The Food Network along with Discovery Communications’ Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Travel Channel.

Yahoo Video Search directs the searcher to videos which cost nothing to view which are hosted on the Internet. After a few dozen searches over the poast month I’ve been surprised by the amount of “full videos” or long clips of movies, music videos, movie shorts, and other great web media. One warning before using Yahoo Video Search at work – make sure that your SafeSearch preference is on. Some innocent searches on Yahoo Video can result in some not-so-innocent videos. However, here are some example searches which show a selection of normal web hosted videos and videos of Yahoo partners : Crocodile, Spiderman (funny, Yahoo recommends to search for “Spider-Man” the licensed name of the superhero – which shows more media partner resutls), and Sin City.

In a piece on Video Search in the Online Journalism Review last week, Mark Glaser interviewed Yahoo’s Director of Media and Desktop Search Bradley Horowitz : “Horowitz, Yahoo’s director of media and desktop search, told me that the portal is crawling third-party content on the Web while also making deals with commercial media companies.”

“You’ve got to remember that Yahoo has, and for some time, we have been one of the major forces in streaming content on the Net,” Horowitz told the OJR. “In certain domains such as music videos, we are the No. 1 streamer of content of that type of content on the Web today. Video Search not only indexes outside content but also the content that exists within Yahoo, whether it’s news or music video.”

Yahoo Video Search is also offering Video Submittals via Media RSS from any video publisher. A Yahoo Spokesperson told the Search Engine Journal that “Since Media RSS is feed based and links back to content, we support all the major file formats types including MPEG-4 with MP3 audio or MPEG2 with MP3, QuickTime, RealVideo, and WindowsMedia. Media RSS is an open feed format that any site can use, going beyond video search in helping extend the handling of media files in RSS feeds.”

More information on Yahoo Media RSS is available from Yahoo.

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Yahoo Video Search Officially Launches

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