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Yahoo Video Search Indexing Flash Movies and Games

Yahoo Video Search Indexing Flash Movies and Games

If you’re a video search addict like I am, you’ll be happy to find out that Yahoo has added Macromedia Flash animation into its Yahoo Video Search index. Flash animation can be fun to search for in some instances, like the South Park-esque Jib Jab movies or even HomestarRunner (as recommended by YSearchBlog and one of Slawski’s favorites too). In addition to Flash Videos, Flash Games are also available in the Yahoo Video Search index. Hmm, all of these additions will make office managers and teachers ecstatic across the country as another outlet to find time killing humor has creeped up into Yahoo. Oh well!

For those of you who use Yahoo Video Search to find videos, one can always target their video search to exclude Flash Movies with the Yahoo Advanced Video Search. Formats can be chosen between AVI, MPEG, Quicktime, Windows Media, Real, and Flash. If you don’t want a bunch of JibJab cartoons to interfere with your serious research, blocking Flash from the search results should take care of this in a jiffy.

Additionally, if you’re at work or around the kids and searching for things like “nurses”, “donkey”, “bachelor party” or any other terms which may bring up questionable results, Yahoo Video Search also offers a Safe Search function which filters out adult videos and minimizes the chance of getting in trouble with video file redirects or any of the other tricks those black hat porn webmasters are pulling in the search index. Interestingly enough, the Video Safe Search applies to Yahoo Video searches only, so your other results (web, news, images, music) may not be filtered.

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Yahoo Video Search Indexing Flash Movies and Games

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