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Yahoo Updates Yahoo News and Personal Search

Yahoo Updates Yahoo News and Personal Search

Search Engine Giant Yahoo! has been beta testing their updated News Syndication site since quite sometime and yesterday they launched it officially. The updated site comes with a totally new interface, which is less cluttered and is aimed towards usability. Efforts have been made to help users make full use of the offered functionalities using advanced web technologies. The company has also introduced their YQ search technology which enables the users to get results related to their searched for keywords and phrases without leaving the Yahoo! News website.

Reports claims that Yahoo’s news website is one of the most popular online news resources for the visitors from the United States. The company has been in partnership with the most popular news sources out there to provide the latest updated information on their aggregation site. The updated version is cleaner and gives the users power to personalize their own news homepages with the content of their preferences along with custom news sources.

Users can add new sources of information using RSS features provided by most online news sources. This let them keep updated with their choice of information as the Yahoo! servers keep retrieving the latest information making it available on the user’s customized News page. Another interesting feature Yahoo! is providing its users with is the facility to receive the latest news stories view Instant Messages. They have been already providing the facility through email alerts since quite sometime.

In other news Yahoo launched My Web personalized search which is a monster offering when compared to the older personalized search My Yahoo Search offering or Google’s My Search History. Kelsey Group’s Greg Sterling writes “A considerable advance over Yahoo!’s previous “My Search,” it’s more “robust” than Google’s simpler My Search History tool. But as good as this is, it’s probably still too involved for mass adoption.”

My Web records users’ search history and allows them to save individual Web pages found in search results or any Web site in a browser with a single click—a “save to My Web” icon can be loaded into the Yahoo! toolbar or browser toolbars. My Web saves both the link and an image of the page so that if the page ultimately disappears, users still retain an image of the page.

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Yahoo Updates Yahoo News and Personal Search

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