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Yahoo Updates Search Engine Index

Yahoo Updates Search Engine Index

Yesterday Tim Mayer announced the newest Yahoo “Weather Report” on their newest search engine index update. The changes to the index are mot instant and will be occuring iver the next three weeks. Tim writes on the Yahoo Search Blog (look Jeremy, a link!) “The changes will be a little more intense than the second weather report and changes will continue over the next week or two.”

However, those active folks in the search community and many East Coasters realized the change in the index before Tim had a chance to blog about it on the YSearchBlog. Barry Schwartz, master forum moderator, picked up a couple of threads about the new Yahoo index and blogged about them on SERoundTable. WebMasterWorld, Search Engine Watch Forums, and SEOChat have some nice threads going on about the changes at Yahoo.

From Barry “The past couple Yahoo! updates we have had Tim Mayer report them to us, for example see the last yahoo update. This one there is no mention. Possibly because Tim only announces updates to the index and not algorithmic changes? I don’t know… Are these changes for the better? That is where you go to the forums. 🙂 Most forums are in discovery mode… Is it a new filter? Is it an update to the index? Is it a new method of how they handle links?”

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Yahoo Updates Search Engine Index

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