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Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox Released

Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox Released

Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox Released

In a bid to get the attention of the growing number of online users moving to the popular alternative browser Mozilla Firefox, Yahoo! has finally released the final of their Yahoo! Toolbar. The add-on to the popular open source web browser first appeared way back in February and had a minor update in the month of April. The final version supports drag-and-drop search resizable search box, an improved search history list, and most important, support for adding RSS and Atom feeds to the user’s My Yahoo page using the Live Bookmarks icon in the Firefox status bar.

The toolbar of course keeps the regular features like making available the bookmarks of the user on any computer with the toolbar installed on either Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Users are also notified of any new mails on their Yahoo! Mail accounts and the news button also updates with the latest from Yahoo! News website. This toolbar is a good browser companion for anyone who uses various Yahoo! Services and prefers Firefox as his default browser.

Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox is also compatible with the versions of Firefox optimized for Windows, Mac, and Linux editions and is available on the Yahoo! Toolbar website. The company is continuing to develop and enhance the capabilities of toolbar with future versions expected to integrate Yahoo! 360 services in it including the ability to Blog using the toolbar buttons. Many other search engine companies around including Google have released the Firefox version of their search engine toolbars. This step goes on to prove that Firefox is being increasingly noticed by the big corporations and is giving Internet Explorer a tough fight in the browser market.

Google in addition has provided some really cool extensions as well for Mozilla Firefox.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Consultant for Search Engine Journal and also the Editor of TechWhack.

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Yahoo Toolbar for Firefox Released

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