Yahoo to Shut Down MyBlogLog

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Still remember MyBlogLog? Sometime in 2006, it was one of the hottest social networking tool for bloggers because of one simple reason – it allows bloggers to put a face on their blog visitors.  I remember using MyBlogLog for quite some time until Yahoo purchased it in 2007 and MyBlogLo started offering blog site analytics tools both as free and paid service.

MyBlogLog was a pretty useful blog management tool back then. It’s widget feature was interesting. And it’s ability to show you blog-related trends and information was invaluable.

Then somewhere along the way I lost interest in it and perhaps other users too. Although many continue to use it, somehow MyBlogLog lost its luster.

Until now, ReadWriteWeb reports that Yahoo is finally shutting down MyBlogLog. Although there was no reason cited yet. Yahoo is probably just doing what is right. MyBlogLog’s lost its relevance today.  Does it also show that blogs are becoming obsolete?

Perhaps yes, and perhaps no. Blog as a social networking and communication tool is no longer applicable. There’s Facebook and Twitter for that. Blogs’s uses are now reduced as a source of factual information.

Going back to MyBlogLog, question now is, what will happen to the accounts of those who still use it. To blogs who rely on MyBlogLog services for their management and administration aspects?  What will happen to those paid subscribers, if there are any still?

Let’s wait for official announcement from Yahoo for answers to this question.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • John Sullivan

    Yahoo is simply the craziest internet company on the PLANET> all those people and resources and I have to think of something they have done right.
    Wonder if Blogcatalog sees the writing on the wall 🙂
    Oh and blogs are alive and well.

  • Jon Freeland

    Perhaps I don’t have quite the proper outlook on the blog, yet, because I haven’t been in the business of total internet communication for very long. However, it seems to me that the blog isn’t just about factoids.

    We have Twitter and FB, but a blog is a personalized space were one person can be shared with many. It feeds pretty well off the other two, and you can tell this sort of thing by blogging, then posting a link to twitter and FB, then using the trends information you’ve spoken of to gauge the effect.

    Personally, I’m continuing to work on mine for a time when people so overload themselves with short, disconnected messages that they desire a slower pace and continuity. I feel like, eventually, sticking to FB/twitter OR just a blog will either extend negative effects (twitter, especially, is a medium that is built contrary to patience) or reduce your progress to a snail’s pace because you’re not “networked” well enough.

  • Michael Martinez

    Blogs are hardly a “source of factual information”. That’s like saying Wikipedia is always right.

    Blogs remain the staple of new Website development. I don’t think they’ve lost relevance — they have, in fact, become more relevant.

  • Patricia Skinner

    It’s really sad that they’re discontinuing MyBlogLog–has been part of our blogging life for so long. I’ve just installed Google Friend Connect, so I guess they’re bowing out to the competition here. I imagine a lot of people will do the same.

  • Kok Siong Chen

    This is a sad news for me. Although i’m not really familiar with MyBlogLog, i think it is good for us as a blogger.

  • Social Media Optimization

    I have been very active in Mybloglog, and still it’s a shocking news to me. I am now loosing trust in Yahoo’s services, first Geocites and now,, mybloglog..
    What going on?
    But yeah, there has been a fall in the number of users who are using myblolog, but still i prefer to be active with it, and spend sometime in a day, with mybloglog.

  • Kevin Puls

    I created a profile on MyBlogLog a little over a year ago and haven’t touched it since.

    Yet, when you google “Kevin Puls”, my profile still shows up on Page One of Google (have not check in a few months).

    So I would say it is still, somewhat, relevant.

  • Gordon Choi

    I have been on Mybloglog since the very beginning of 2007.

    This is the saddest news coming from Yahoo since the announcement that Yahoo would shut down the search engine algorithm.