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Yahoo to Microsoft: Best Thing to Do is to Buy Us

Following his disappointments with Google walking away from their search ad deal, Yahoo’s Jerry Yang said at the ongoing Web 2.0 Summit that the best thing to do for Microsoft is to buy Yahoo now. Mr. Yang also said that it doesn’t matter for how much Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo for as long as it is for the right price, Yahoo would most probably accept the offer.

But that is if Microsoft would make another offer after saying before that it is no longer interested in buying Yahoo.

Also during the interview, when asked if they are keen on buying AOL after the failed deal with Google, Mr. Yang just laughed off the question and did not give any direct answer.

Although Yang was disappointed with Google’s decision to cancel the deal, he however also partly blamed the government for getting in the way of the implementation of the deal. In BBC report Mr. Yang said:

“I really thought the government in this case does not understand our industry. They have a market definition that I think is too narrow and I think things like this tend to have unintended consequences for our entire industry.

So, if Microsoft will not make an offer, what do you think will Yahoo do next? Proceed in buying AOL? Or convince one of its board member, Carl Icahnn to renegotiate a deal with Microsoft.

The latter has a stronger possibility than the latter.

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Yahoo to Microsoft: Best Thing to Do is to Buy Us

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