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Oh Finally! The Google-Yahoo Search Ad Deal is Cancelled

Finally, after several times of delaying its implementation, Google decided that pursuing their search ad agreement with Yahoo is not worth the legal battle. And so, it what most of us was expecting, Google withdraw from the agreement. It’s over. Cancelled. Won’t push through as planned.

Google had a valid reason to walk away from the deal, and it so eloquently expressed this via a post at the Official Google Blog with lines that said:

However, after four months of review, including discussions of various possible changes to the agreement, it’s clear that government regulators and some advertisers continue to have concerns about the agreement. Pressing ahead risked not only a protracted legal battle but also damage to relationships with valued partners. That wouldn’t have been in the long-term interests of Google or our users, so we have decided to end the agreement.

In walking away from the said deal, Google still maintains its position that the search ad deal would have been for the best interest of the advertisers, users, publishers and Yahoo. Google still argued that  the deal would have given Yahoo the opportunity to display more relevant ads on its search engine. More relevant ads, more revenue.

Trying to avoid any legal conflict that would otherwise affect its current core mission of providing useful products for its users and partners.

So, whose going to be next prospective partner of Yahoo. Who is going to be its saviour? AOL? Microsoft again?

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Oh Finally! The Google-Yahoo Search Ad Deal is Cancelled

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