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Yahoo to Acquire Right Media Ad Company

Yahoo is reportedly eyeing Right Media, a privately owned advertising company. The company previously bought a 20% stake in the company last October and will shell out some $680 million dollars more to have full control of  the said company.

In a New York Times report, Yahoo’s Chief Executive, Terry S. Semel said:

The acquisition, to us, is a key step toward executing our long-term vision to build the leading advertising and publisher ecosystem both on and off the Yahoo network,

In an official Press release, Semel further said:

This acquisition is an important step in our long-term vision to build the industry’s leading advertising and publisher ecosystem. We believe that Yahoo!’s open approach is a clear differentiator from others in the industry and provides significant benefits to advertisers, publishers and Yahoo! itself.”

The acquisition is  a right move towards competing with  Google advertising campaign which recently acquired Double Click. Well, at least Yahoo,  instead of whining about Google’s rampant acquisition of advertising companies, is doing its own acquisition to compete with Google.

Will Microsoft feel unhappy with this deal like what it felt with the Google-DoubleClick deal?

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Yahoo to Acquire Right Media Ad Company

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