Yahoo Testing New Blue Bar Search Results Format

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Yahoo is running limited testing of a new search results page format with a blue search bar above the sponsored and organic Yahoo results.

Yahoo Blue Search Results

Both Karl Ribas and Jim Boykin captured images of the new Yahoo Search format in action, and both screenshots prove that Yahoo is mixing up the options and user experience within the Yahoo ‘Blue Bar’.

The first example shows vertical search options such as Images or Shopping posted as linked text over the left hand search box.

Yahoo Search Results Bar

A second example is a bit different, with the text pointing to Yahoo offerings such as Mail or MyYahoo. In this example, the user was not logged into their Yahoo account. Search options are then available via a dropdown menu which is merged with the search button.

Yahoo Channels

In both examples, Options are given in a drop down menu housed on the right side of the Blue Bar.

Yahoo Blue Search Bar Options

Yes, the new design is sleek and a nice change for Yahoo, as the Blue Bar takes some of the search dependency from the browser enhancement toolbar market, and places options within the browser window.

Ideally, more vertical search or Yahoo Shortcuts functionality would be available in the Blue Bar, freeing up more critical space in the results section for sponsored search via Yahoo Search Marketing.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Googleman

    Google 4 Eva!

  • [kbox]

    Looks pretty good. I haven’t used yahoo for years though, It used to be my default engine when i was new to the web.

  • daryoko rispurwanto

    Thanks for ur information

  • Planet Malaysia

    I need Word Translator in multiple language will be great

  • Portland SEO

    The new design looks pretty good. I noticed that Yahoo is not displaying the number of results. Let’s hope they change this before they commit to the new look.

  • Tubag Bohol

    Yahoo’s search results are not that updated. They need improvement.

  • mark

    Looks nice, but Google SERPs are better.

  • Go-Referencement

    I think it’s about time that they try new things… I’m tired of having 3 times the same patterns ūüėČ

  • vinay

    wow kol yahoo is makin nice changes

    all da best to yahoo hope google gets tuff competition from yahoo

  • Nick

    Hey Mark – why are Google SERPs better? Do you mean the results are better or is there some layout thing i’ve missed? Apart from Yahoo sticking with numbering their results (which google were doing on searchmash the other week) they look pretty identically dully to me!

  • Divyansh sharma

    this just sux

    ppl dont stick with google cos
    of design
    or cos of serp

    they stick cos they love em…..

  • mark

    Hey Nick – I feel the results are much better and more relevant to what I’m searching for.

    Furthermore, I enhance my Google’s serps, like number the results, by using a firefox extension called “Customize Google” –

  • Linux Bittorrent

    Nothing I couldn’t do with Google and some Firefox addons.

    It’s nice to see that there is till competition though.

  • Nick

    Wonderful… Competiti0n is on.

  • Nick

    Wonderful… Face OFF is on

  • Pozycjonowanie

    It looks much better but the search results keeps the same:)

  • dBiz

    I thought this was a ghost file but it looks great except for the number of search results which they need to add to the new look.

  • dBiz

    It’s still kool

  • Free PS3 Man

    I like googles better.

  • antwan

    ok im a young male who workin on website i just wanna know how to create my search engine bar please help me.

  • pozycjonowanie stron

    Hi. You know what guys? I think this is very good idea, but I am affraid but not for me ūüėź

  • Free Wii

    Google is and will always be 10 times better than yahoo.

    • Marketing Internetowy

      That’s right ūüôā