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Yahoo Testing Homepage Redesign

Yahoo is testing a new home page design which simplifies its personal, shopping, directory and news offerings while also putting more of an emphasis on the Yahoo search engine and its Yahoo search offerings.

In the new version, the six badges or buttons that usually surround the Yahoo logo have been moved down into a services box that also displays links to other areas on its site. The new Y Services box features personal web use and tool links for instant messaging, e-mail, finance, travel, job search and the My Yahoo page.

Here’s a preview screenshot sent to us by a loyal reader:

The move also puts more emphasis on the Yahoo brand and also draws the users eye to the Yahoo search box, making it the focal point of the site. Yahoo has recently been showcasing its Yahoo Search across the entire Yahoo network after dumping Google as their main search result tool and integrating Overture search ads and Yahoo Search Technology into the rest of the Yahoo Channels.

It’s about time that Yahoo put search more in the face of their users, and the home page is the place to put it.

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Yahoo Testing Homepage Redesign

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