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Yahoo Sports & Gambling : Sports Odds and Game Spreads

Yahoo Sports & Gambling : Sports Odds and Game Spreads

Yahoo Sports & Gambling : Sports Odds and Game Spreads

At first I must admit I thought this was some kind of B.S. press release which made it through the wires without anyone doing their fact checking. After looking deeper into Yahoo Sports, I found out I was wrong. Yahoo Sports is now offering (at least I believe it’s new) a section called Live Odds & Spread Totals where they publish odds on sports games. The content is generated by Yahoo Sports betting partners, one being Hollywood International , which sent out the following release.

So what’s the latest addition to an array of existing Yahoo services? Odds on major sporting events. Unlike previous versions of sports odds at Yahoo, this new and improved version features odds from the World’s leading sports betting companies: including In addition to featuring odds, Yahoo Sports provides insightful information on topics such as team news, injury reports, schedules, scores, and more.

With over nine years in the sports betting industry and an impeccable reputation for first class service, it comes as no surprise that Hollywood International is included among a select group of sportsbook’s proudly featuring odds at Yahoo Sports.

Woohoo! Now this makes Yahoo Sports pretty dang exciting. Time to ante up folks, just in time to check the Superbowl spread! Yahoooo!

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