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Yahoo Small Business & Movable Type Blogs

Yahoo Small Business & Movable Type Blogs

Colbert Low, the new Editor at the Blog Search Engine (thanks to everyone who applied forthe position) has posted a story on Yahoo’s new Movable Type blog offering in the Yahoo Small Business channel. Yahoo is offering Small Business owners their own domain (or a unique web address), the Movable Type interface, and business class Yahoo Mail for $12 a month. Colbert feels that the Yahoo paid Movable Type blog offering may effect the popularity of WordPress in the Blogosphere.

Personally, I think that Movable Type is a very safe offering for the type of business owners or employees which take advantage of the Yahoo Small Business offering. Especially since such small business owners may be less blog savvy than someone looking to set up a WordPress blog on their own domain. Which does lead me to disagree a little with Colbert’s statement “So I thought WordPress was the direction of the blogging universe until I saw this news in Yahoo about them offering Movable Type to bloggers!

On the other hand, we’ll probably see a upward thrust in the amount of business blogs on the web after Yahoo goes live with the Small Business Blogs, and expect a good amount of them to be locally based (good news for BlogDigger).

I am as giddy as Colbert over Yahoo’s direction in blogs and tagging : “Looks like there’s gonna be some hot stuff coming out from the Yahoo factory in 2006. Not only have they bought over Flickr and this year, making Movable Type available to bloggers smells like they can offer a very good blogging portal or service. Let’s just hope they don’t run into server problems.

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Yahoo Small Business & Movable Type Blogs

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