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Yahoo Showboating New Yahoo Search Technology

The new Yahoo Search Technology isn’t only being used on Yahoo for run-of-the-mill web searches. Like they have done with adapting Overture Ads to most parts of Yahoo, Yahoo Search is also being used across the board in hopes to bring a more relevant searching experience.

Yahoo News

Yahoo News Search draws in news stories from thousands of online news sources, combining articles from Yahoo! News and over 7,500 crawled news sources around the Web. The news service has been in beta since January, but was more or less made public today with a new search box placed at the top of the Yahoo News page along with search results generated from a news search on the Yahoo search engine.

Yahoo Shopping

Yahoo has employed an almost “Froogle-esque” version of Yahoo Search Technology to their Yahoo Shopping portal. By using Yahoo Search for Yahoo Shopping, users can search for high or low ticketed items and target different shopping categories.

Partnered Sites

About two years ago Overture acquired AltaVista and Fast Search’s AlltheWeb, which are now part of Yahoo due to the Yahoo-Overture Acquisiton. AlltheWeb and AltaVista were great search engines in their own right, but now AltaVista is ficusing on multimedia search and AlltheWeb is only showing Yahoo Search results for search queries, as is AltaVista for web only queries.


Web Results are the most relevant web pages found by Yahoo! Search Technology in response to your search terms. Web Results are generated from the billions of web pages crawled and indexed by Yahoo! Search. The Yahoo! Search index is more than 99% populated through the free web crawl process. Results may also include links to sites that participate in the Content Acquisition Program (CAP). CAP enables content providers to submit web pages and content directly to Yahoo! for review and inclusion within the Yahoo! Search index through the Site MatchTM or Inktomi Search SubmitTM programs.

SmartView Maps and Local Search

Yahoonow uses local Yahoo Search Technology on SmartView, part of Yahoo Maps ( The new feature offers consumers an interactive and visual way to search for local content on the Web and is part of Yahoo! Search’s ongoing efforts to offer the most relevant and comprehensive search experience to its users.

Yahoo also has Yahoo Mail, Groups, Directory and Personals as parts of their enterprise to integrate their new search technology into. As more Yahoo Search is integrated, the more awareness spreads that Yahoo is serious about search engines, and their competition in Google, Microsoft, and now Amazon.

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Yahoo Showboating New Yahoo Search Technology

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