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Yahoo Shopping Search Goes Mobile

Yahoo Shopping Search Goes Mobile

Yahoo Shopping Search Goes Mobile

Yahoo Shopping has released what it feels is its own internal application built upon the open Yahoo API’s which let developers build products using the Yahoo Search Services. The ‘sample’ development product is a good one, Yahoo Shopping Search for Mobile.

Yahoo Japan had already released a Mobile Shopping Search but the new US Yahoo offering is seen to be one of the first of its kind in the States. Ben Strong the Senior Product Manager for Yahoo Shopping writes on the Yahoo Search Blog : Yahoo! Shopping Search on Mobile (Beta) allows you to price compare product prices from your mobile phone, accessing our database of millions of offers.

Simply enter into your WAP 2.0-enabled browser, search for a product, and start comparing. Check your phone’s user manual to see if it’s WAP 2.0-enabled.

Additionally Ben also tells developers who may be interested in using the Yahoo API’s to Get Hacking! “The Yahoo! Shopping APIs can be easily used by any developer. We’re looking forward to many more cool and innovative sites and applications to be developed on top of these Web Services.

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