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Yahoo Selling Off Domain Names : Unloads for $380K

Yahoo, which we all know has been cutting back substantially and looking for sources of extra revenue, has devised a new plan to bring in some income by clearing out it closet of premium domain names on the open market. Last night, Yahoo sold in a live online domain auction.

What makes this story quite stranger however, is that Yahoo sold the domain for an incredibly cheap price, $380,000. Getting barely 6 figures for a domain name like, which almost any 5th grader can build a business plan for in 10 minutes, makes for another embarrassing move by the company.

Yahoo picked up the domain name during the $5.7 billion acquisition of Mark Cuban’s , surely there is a major loss going on somewhere in this equation.

MG @ TechCrunch compares the price to other domains which have moved in the past year, such as for $5.1 million and for $3 million. Perhaps the price has something to do with only 7 external liks pointing to the site, which is ridiculous (AND the new owner is now getting links from TechCrunch and other news outlets because of the buy and cheap price) … but the value in such a no-brainer, Yahoo probably could have sat on this domain and gotten more revenue from it down the road, if not from type in traffic alone.

I’m pretty sure that I could have developed to be a moneymaker, and I know that some Yahoo staffers in their SEO and publishing department could have done the same thing in their sleep, so why does Yahoo need to unload this domain for $380K right now? Beyond me.

What are your thoughts on this and what would you have done with

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Yahoo Selling Off Domain Names : Unloads for $380K

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