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Yahoo Search Update Underway : Ranking Changes Reported

Yahoo Search is updating with some changes to its algorithm and index, which at first seems like one of their monthly weather reports. However, there may be some significant changes going on behind the curtains at Yahoo.

The Google PageRank update has been the focus of a good amount of blog and forum coverage over the past week, but in Yahoo’s case, it seems that changes in the rankings themselves are cause for celebration by some, and concern by others.

Yahoo seems to be making more of an effort to clean up their search results, especially after the launch of SearchAssist, expansion of Yahoo Shortcuts and the inclusion of Flickr images and videos in Yahoo results. As Yahoo Search grows, it is in their best interest to confront the relevancy of their organic results. Is this the case today?

Search Engine Roundtable notes that some site owners in Digital Point Forums are reporting increases in rank while others are noticing their sites being dropped down into the Yahoo index.

Just like every morning I am checking my SERP’s through the Keyword Ranking tool here at DP and to my astonishment I found that 90% of my sites lost rankings in Yahoo…

Most rankings have declined from top3 into lower top 10 or even top50 and my previous top10 rankings are now nearing the 100.

Barry Schwartz notes he “noticed a decline in traffic from Yahoo on some sites and an increase in traffic from Yahoo on other sites.

Have you seen any changes in your Yahoo rankings?

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Yahoo Search Update Underway : Ranking Changes Reported

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