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Yahoo Search Offers Automatic Site Indexing

Yahoo yesterday announced that Yahoo! Search ( will be rolling out its new Content Acquisition Program (CAP) this week as part of Yahoo! Search’s ongoing efforts to enhance search quality and comprehensiveness. CAP enables non-commercial and commercial content providers to better interact with Yahoo! Search Technology by directly providing their Web pages, which are then added to Yahoo!’s search index and displayed in search results based on their relevance to a search term.

Overture, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yahoo!, has launched a new paid inclusion program, called Site Match, as the commercial component of CAP. Site Match allows commercial content providers to effectively submit Web content, update it frequently, obtain additional targeted leads, and track and optimize their performance.

“Our primary goal is to discover all the content on the Web for free. In addition, the Content Acquisition Program serves to make a richer set of content accessible to users in a way that most search engines today are unable to achieve,” said Tim Cadogan, vice president of Search at Yahoo! Inc. “This program enables us to develop direct, structured relationships with content providers to increase comprehensiveness, maintain the most up-to-date data, improve relevance and thereby deliver a higher quality search experience for users.”

As part of the non-commercial channel of CAP, called Public Site Match, Yahoo! Search is working with several content providers from government, academia and other non-profit sectors to help improve search quality and expand the breadth and depth of content users can access through search.

To test Yahoo Search and for more information, follow the Yahoo Search Advertisement on the left side of the Search Engine Journal to test it out. First click on the key, and then try searching via Yahoo´s various new search methods.

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Yahoo Search Offers Automatic Site Indexing

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