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Yahoo Search Movie Shortcuts

Yahoo Search Movie Shortcuts

Nick Nguyen, Product Manager of Yahoo! Search Shortcuts, has posted a rundown of Yahoo Search Movie Shortcuts on the Yahoo Search Blog.

To make your search for a movie easier, I’d like to tell you about two movie shortcuts on Yahoo! Search. The first shortcut is the Movie Trailer shortcut. Just by entering a movie name followed by “trailer” or “trailers” you can see trailers and clips for just about any major motion picture.

I tried the trailer shortcut myself and did not receive the teasers that Nick pointed to in the blog. Here’s a test “King Kong Trailers.”

Nick also shows us an example of the movie showtimes shortcut : “By entering the title of a movie and a location, (major city, zip, or city+state) you’ll get a listing of the closest theaters showing that movie.” This function is working for me, as when I search for thetwo films I want to see this holiday season, King Kong and Memoirs of a Geisha, the Yahoo Shortcut is letting me know that showtimes have not been published because the films are not in the theatres yet. If I actually use my noggin and search for a film which is currently in theatres, like Walk the Line, Yahoo does supply me with the local showtimes.

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Yahoo Search Movie Shortcuts

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