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Yahoo Search Marketing Upgrade Information

Yahoo Search Marketing Upgrade Information

It’s almost Q4 2006 and Yahoo Search Marketing has sent out a notice to its advertisers yesterday about the new ‘Panama’ YSM platform, changes and its transition. Search Engine Journal reviewed the new Yahoo Search Marketing platform at Search Engine Strategies San Jose, and this new announcement lends to some more detail.

The new Sponsored Search is on its way, and with it comes some new terminology and some important tasks to complete

As you know, Yahoo! Search Marketing has announced a number of enhancements to our advertiser systems and platform. In this article, we’ll begin to explain how the Sponsored Search account structure is changing, and the actions we recommend you take in preparation.

Current Account Structure vs. New Sponsored Search
When your account is upgraded (these transitions will begin in fourth quarter 2006), some of the account structure terminology that is currently in use will change, and we will add some new terminology. Here is a summary of those changes and additions to the way your ads are organized:

Current: Listings
“Listings” have been the combination of keyword, bid, title, description and URL.

New: Ads
The marketing messages that your potential customers see will be “uncoupled” from keywords, and be known as “ads,” but they are similarly comprised of a title, description and URL.

New: Ad Groups
“Ad Groups” are the combination of multiple ads (your creative) and keywords. You may set one bid for your entire ad group, or use individual keyword bids.

Current: Categories
Categories have served as the organizational structure you assigned to groups of keywords that are similar in a particular way, for purposes of bid management or reporting.

New: Campaigns
“Campaigns” replace categories, and will consist of a combination of one or more ad groups that share the same budget, schedule and geo-targeting criteria, usually created to achieve a particular marketing goal.

After your account is upgraded, you won’t need to manage your account at the listing level anymore. Instead, you can manage and optimize your account performance at the account, campaign ad group or keyword/ad level. We recommend starting out by managing at the ad group level, in which you can use multiple versions of your creative (titles and descriptions). The benefit of using ad groups is that you will be able to test different versions of your creative, and have more impressions shifted to those ads that provide you with the highest click-through rate.

Preparing for the Account Upgrade
When we upgrade your account, we will move your account categories into campaigns with the same names. So if you haven’t already done so, it’s very important that you start to group your current listings that are related to each other into categories.

By completing this organization before your upgrade occurs, your ads should be much better organized after we move your account to the new structure. Then you’ll be able to “hit the ground running” as you take advantage of our new interface and tools.

Example: If you sold “SeeClearly” televisions, under the new Sponsored Search you would probably want to have a “SeeClearly” campaign that included ad groups for the models “SeeClearly X100”, “SeeClearly X200”, “SeeClearly HDX1000”, etc. Using this example, we recommend that you set up a “SeeClearly” category now that would contain all of your SeeClearly listings.

Thanks to AussieWebmaster for posting this on SEW Forums and Barry for pointing it out on his blog.

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Yahoo Search Marketing Upgrade Information

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