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Yahoo Search Marketing Preparing Upgrade to New Platform

Yahoo Search Marketing Preparing Upgrade to New Platform

Yahoo Search Marketing Preparing Upgrade to New Platform

As Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) prepares for their relaunch during the forth quarter of this year to their new Yahoo Search Marketing ‘Panama’ format, one of the keys to the transition is smoothly bringing campaigns from the current YSM into the new interface.

Seems like that is beginning to happen as advertisers are reporting on emails from Yahoo which are meant to confirm advertisers’ addresses and contact information.

Barry at Search Engine Roundtable has posted his mail and here are some excerpts:

As we informed you in May 2006, your Yahoo! Search Marketing account will soon be completely upgraded and redesigned, providing you with a number of advanced features that will help you better connect to Yahoo!’s audience.

To help provide a seamless upgrade for our advertisers, we plan on frequently communicating with you via phone calls, emails and U.S. mail. Thus, we are asking all advertisers to confirm the contact information currently on file with us, including physical address, email address and phone number.

As of August 2006, this is the contact information we have on file for your account:

Street Address: ##################
City: ########
State: ##
Zip code: #####
Phone number: ###-###-####

Please take a moment now to check the account contact information above. If any of the data above is incorrect, please update it by following these easy steps:

Log in to your account.

Click the Edit Profile link.

Check and update your contact info.

Another way to update your information is by logging into your Yahoo! Search Marketing account as you normally do, then click the “Edit Profile” link under the Account tab.

We greatly appreciate your attention to this matter, and look forward to providing you with all of the important information you’ll need to know as your account is upgraded. If you have any questions, please contact us at (866) YAHOO-98.


Your Partners at Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo Search Marketing has pride in its recently enhanced customer service and is taking an extra effort in keeping advertisers happy, which when paired with its new and transparent search engine advertising technology, may perhaps elevate their service beyond that of their competitors’. If anything, their attention to advertiser detail during this transition, is hopefully a sign that this will in fact be the case.

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Yahoo Search Marketing Preparing Upgrade to New Platform

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