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Yahoo Search Marketing Partners with Web Analytics Companies

Yahoo Search Marketing Partners with Web Analytics Companies

Yahoo Search Marketing has agreed to extend its search marketing application program interfaces (APIs) to leading web analytics providers Coremetrics, Omniture, WebTrends and WebSideStory. Under the agreement, Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers can elect to share valuable insight into specific click-through rates, conversions and other web log information from their analytics software and services with Yahoo!. When shared with Yahoo, the information will enhance Yahoo’s capabilities to optimize advertisers’ campaigns and combat unwanted clicks. In addition, the partners will receive direct access to Yahoo!’s search marketing campaign data to provide enhanced campaign reports to their advertiser clients.

“Based on our ongoing dialogues with our customers, we recognize they want more insight into their campaign performance and the quality of traffic they are receiving through their search marketing programs,” said John Slade, senior director of Product Management, Yahoo! Search Marketing. “By partnering with four of the world’s most trusted web analytics providers, we aim to not only help provide advertisers with more integrated campaign reporting, but also better protect them from unwanted traffic. Best of all, the advertiser is in control of how best to deploy these solutions.”

“It’s a common misperception that search engines have all of the information necessary to identify all unwanted clicks. The fact is, advertisers possess information in their web analytics data that is proprietary to their business and can help engines detect questionable traffic,” said Bryan Eisenberg, Chairman of the Web Analytics Association. “Working with these four analytics partners will help Yahoo! better understand advertisers’ click activity so they all can continue to enhance and improve their global click-through protection capabilities.”

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Yahoo Search Marketing Partners with Web Analytics Companies

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