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Yahoo Search Marketing ‘Panama’ Open to New Advertisers

This morning Yahoo! announced that its new search marketing platform, Yahoo Search Marketing ‘Panama’, is now available to advertisers that wish to open a new Yahoo! sponsored search account.

U.S. based accounts can now sign up online to begin marketing products through Yahoo!’s completely redesigned system. Previously, the system was only open to Yahoo!’s existing search marketing customers that wanted to transition from the old system over to the new platform. Yahoo has been helping its current advertisers migrate from the old YSM to the new YSM over the past month or so, and hopes to complete all migrations in Q1 2007 (See Below).

New tools which are part of the YSM Panama system include (full Yahoo Search Marketing Panama Review):

* Dynamic Account Structure
* Testing of Ads, Split A/B and other forms of tested targeting
* Fast Ad Activation and an Automated and Optimized Editorial Process
* Enhanced Geo-Targeting

New Advertising Sign Up Process

The new Yahoo Search Marketing signup process is quick, streamlines and very user friendly.

1. Geotargeting by state, city, surrounding area, radius & zip codes. Yahoo uses a mapping application for pinpointing targeted areas (it’s about time!).

2. Keyword selection process : Yahoo tries to solicit the most keyword information as possible to tailor list of keywords based upon identified criteria and product descriptions.

3. Bid page where account spending is defined with daily spending, maximum bid, or Yahoo forecasting solution.

4. Ad creation; Title, Description & URL; users will soon be able to insert dynamic keywords into the sign up process

5. Review : Gives advertiser the summary, name of campaign, spending limit, targeted regions and creative preview.

6. Next is final sign up information and completion.

Yahoo Search Marketing Account Migration

US migrations onto the new Yahoo Search Marketing have begun and advertisers may choose to upgrade before or after the holidays. Advertisers who want to migrate as soon as they can are able to join a reservation list.

Tips before upgrading :

1. Learn the new account structure
2. Understand how listings are transferred
3. Download current listings
4. Don’t change password

Three helpful migration resources:

Yahoo Search Marketing Upgrade Center :

Ask Yahoo Search Marketing Help


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Yahoo Search Marketing ‘Panama’ Open to New Advertisers

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