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Yahoo Search Marketing Lets Advertisers Block Domains

Yahoo Search Marketing has taken some bold steps in letting its advertisers now block their ads from being served on certain web sites. Now, Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers can block their ads from being served on sites outside of the Yahoo network.

Advertisers can block their ads from being served on the sites of competitors, arbitrage sites, spam blogs which are flying under the YPN radar and possibly domain parking ads (it would be nice if this is the case).

The Yahoo Search Marketing Blog reports:

A new feature allows you to specify up to 250 websites or sections of websites in our partner distribution network on which you don’t want your ads to appear. These can be:

* An entire domain (i.e.,
* One subdomain (i.e.,
* Up to two directories in a particular domain (e.g.,

It applies to sites that are using either our Sponsored Search or Content Match products. Please note that the domain remains unblockable

How to do this?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click the Administration tab
  3. Select the “Accounts” section
  4. Next to “Blocked Domains,” either click “Submit Domains” or “Edit”
  5. Complete the provided steps to block (or unblock) the domains

Yahoo Search Marketing and Yahoo Publisher Network have positioned their content match advertising as high quality oriented since YPN and the Yahoo Panama interface launched, and this decision to offer domain and page blocking is a solid continuation of this quest.

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Yahoo Search Marketing Lets Advertisers Block Domains

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