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Yahoo Search Marketing Launched, Farewell Overture

Yahoo Search Marketing Launched, Farewell Overture

Yahoo announced at the Search Engine Strategies conference that they would be rebranding Overture into Yahoo Search Marketing and it looks like the first step was made today with the live Yahoo Search Marketing Solutions site up and running at Along with the Overture offerings, which have rebranded their names from Precision Match to Yahoo Sponsored Search and Local Match, which is now Local Sponsored Search – Yahoo has also rolled most of their search and contextual offerings into one centralized system.

For search optimization and small business, Local Enhanced Listings (a highly significant part of any local search campaign) and Yahoo Directory Submit are now included under the Yahoo Search Marketing umbrella. Yahoo also added Travel Submit, a pay per click offering where travel offers and deals can be listed within the ever popular Yahoo Travel. To christen the Yahoo Travel Submit offering, Yahoo is giving away free traffic to travel agencies and sites which open an account before June 15th.

There is not much news on the Yahoo Search Marketing launch and rebranding today, however don’t be surprised if you see Overture’s web site redirect advertisers to the Yahoo Search Marketing site over the weekend as Yahoo says goodbye to the Overture name. Yahoo acquired Overture in 2003 (seems so long ago) to complete their Yahoo web offering and bring Overture under the Yahoo Media shadow. Overture was previously supplying paid sponsored listings to Yahoo Search along with MSN and other affiliates.

Prior to the acquisition, Overture had made some news of its own by purchasing FastSearch’s AlltheWeb search engine and technology along with AltaVista. Since the purchase, AltaVista has been a type of Yahoo sandbox for testing multimedia search and both AV and AlltheWeb have adapted to Yahoo Search Technology search results. Overture of course started out as in the late 1990’s and went public in June of 1999 before rebranding to Overture Services on October 8th 2001.

By the way, if you try to go to the URL now it’s redirected to, owned by AskJeeves which is now owned by InterActiveCorp.

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Yahoo Search Marketing Launched, Farewell Overture

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